Free to Be Family

In Partnership with TILLIVERY

Today was supposed to be down time.  It’s the first day of summer break, the kids should sleep in, and Sarah could sink into the sweet sound of nothing.  She imagined it: sleeping family, french-pressed coffee, some summer reading, her favorite chair in her favorite corner in a quiet house, free to be herself, and free to just be.  But Sarah is a mom, and visions of undisturbed peace are tentative and quickly laid to rest. This morning’s tranquility becomes this afternoon’s to-do list, and the list is not getting shorter.


1:22pm The kids have brought all of their energy and creativity to bear on their play today, leaving the living room in a state that is the opposite of peaceful.  In search of some serenity, Sarah enlists her oldest son’s help, tidying and ordering.

2:02pm Living room’s clean, but baby is up from her nap, calling for mom, unable to understand why the response is not instantaneous.  Sarah is up the stairs, scooping up the little one, taming her bed-head…trying to tame her be-head, but at the same time loving her locks going every which way.


2:27pm Baby woke just in time for Sarah to get the kids out the door for a play-date pick-up at 2:30pm.  She loads the kids in the car, genuinely astonished at the kids’ ability to prolong the process of buckling in, and distributes fruit snacks to each set of hungry hands.  After pick-up, all four kids snapped in place, Sarah points the car toward Nonny’s house for their weekly visit with grandma.


2:58pm  Nonny is happy to see the kids, the kids are excited to be at Nonny’s house, and Sarah is thinking back to her to-do list and ahead to the dinner she still has to figure out.  The kids are inside playing, then outside swinging, then inside taking a break, then outside exploring the garden. Sarah’s keeping pace (she’s a mom, it’s what she does), but dinner has her preoccupied.  And then, Sarah’s phone dings with a text. Is it a miracle? Did the heavens open up and pour out happiness? The words felt dreamy, and the relief was real: “I have dinner covered tonight” said the text from her husband Kevin.  Five simple words, but packed full of reprieve.


3:42pm  With her extra time, feeling free to be her kids’ mom, free to just be, Sarah takes the kids to the Black Forest Regional Park and their favorite playground.  Relief has a way of increasing one’s capacity to enjoy the moment, and Sarah is enjoying the moment.


4:35pm  Kevin ordered dinner in advance from TILLIVERY, a Colorado Springs box style meal delivery service, so everything is there in the cooler waiting for him.  While Sarah and the kids take their time at the park, Kevin pops the chef-prepared TILLIVERY dinner into the oven.


5:02pm  Sarah gets home as Kevin is prepping the sourdough loaf and dressing the salad.  Free to just be, she pours herself a glass of wine and leans, restfully, against the kitchen island.  Captivating aromas float from the oven (chicken tenders for the kids, Sambal Chicken Kabobs for Sarah and Kevin), and wine gladdens the moment.  Summer is just starting, but they are already winning.


5:27pm  Dinner is on the table, smiles on everyone’s faces, chef-prepared food on every plate, and the place is a picture of the serenity Sarah imagined.  Sarah and Kevin genuinely feel like heroes, both of them free to be with their family, free to be, loving the moment, winning their summer.


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Images by Élan Photographie Studio