Morgan and Arley own and operate the delightful Ladyfingers Letterpress in downtown.  They've been in the Springs since 2014, and offer their recommendations from the perspective of gifted artists and business owners.

Breakfast and Brunch recommendations
Over Easy at University Village--the all-women staff makes it a wonderful place!
La Baguette downtown--super family friendly!

Three places for great lunch
Rabbit Hole (go for dinner!)
Natural Epicurean at the Broadmoor

Favorite Family Activities
Climbing at City Rock
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Hiking (never too far, not more than 30 minutes) at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Date Night recommendations
SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs
Shuga's--order a Manhattan!
Catch a movie at Kimball's

Adventure outside of COS
Salida--stay at Dram Apothecary's Poor Farm and check out Formulary 55!

Favorite Local Events
Labor Day Lift Off
The Women's March
Mo'Print Colorado
Pride events in America the Beautiful Park

Where do you live and how did you choose it?
We live in the Patty Jewett neighborhood, near the Bon Shopping Center.  We wanted to be near downtown and close to colleges, so this was perfect!