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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Welcome, we're glad you're here. The Locals Bureau is a visual, story-telling platform of the wonderful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Created by city-loving-locals (the same people that brought you The Good and Simple Guide: Colorado Springs), to help both visitors and locals alike discover and view Colorado Springs in a refreshing way. We celebrate business, people, stories, experiences, and beauty. Each week we dive into something new and interesting. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here and we'll keep you updated.


In this first edition release, you'll find 4 Eat & Drink and Explore locations to discover, 1 Story to read, and 3 Local Scouts. What exactly are these? We're glad you asked!

Locations: These are the Eat & Drink and Explore tabs. We show you places around town in a visual forward format to not only tell the story of the location, but present a refreshed viewpoint to look out from. Discovering what has been in plan sight the entire time.

Stories: We take you on a journey. Maybe it's a date-night, family day out, camping adventure, etc. The content will vary, but we can guarantee it's gonna be fun!

Local Scouts: Recommendations from folks all over town. Favorite places to brunch, coffee dates, quite workspaces, etc. Think of this as a curated guide.



We craft visual experiences that highlight and tell the story of Colorado Springs (and sometimes beyond!). You can expect to have a weekly dose of inspiration and hopefully you can discover and learn something new about our city.

Think of The Locals Bureau as your advocate for discovery and supporting your city. Each week when we come out with something new we hope that you'll be inspired to visit, explore, and open yourself up to a new experience.


The Locals Bureau also serves a creative studio for-hire to help people, brands, and businesses tell their stories in a more compelling and clear way. We value people, great work, and telling beautiful stories in a compelling way.


Ready to go on the journey with us and discover Colorado Springs in a whole new way? We are too. Simply sign up for Weekly Newsletter here and we'll keep you updated on all the good stuff. Enjoy.


The Locals Bureau Team

Images by Élan Photographie Studio