Mediterranean Cafe

118 E Kiowa Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The aroma is what gets you first: rich scents of mediterranean spices adorning the smell of fresh pita bread, waltzing out of the kitchen.  Med Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs has since 2001 been crafting authentic and inspired Mediterranean food perfectly paired with a subtle space.


The building is unassumingly tucked in, almost leaning on the neighboring building next door.  Occupying space that was (maybe?) an old flower shop, the environment is all glass and light, with draped fabric shading it just right, letting in enough rays, keeping out too much heat.  The Saltillo tile offers a foundation on top of which is a bright vertical volume flooded with stain-glassed shadow and color. 


It’s a quirky space, confident of itself, just like the unpretentious, semi-mysterious owner Mike Bergman.  No time to be in a photograph, he was busy plating falafel, baklava, and the best gyros this city has to offer, consistently on the top of the Best Of lists.  The food is seriously good, the kind of food experience that draws out of you a genuine Mmmmm, whatever you order.  Lunch time is, as it should be, always busy and full, but arrive fifteen minutes early and you just beat the rush. 


The staff is as unassuming as the place, kindly taking your order, suggesting an adventure with an order of dolmas, but allowing you to play it safe with the gyro or chicken pita.  Its a no-frill, order-at-the-counter kind of place, which is exactly what you’d expect and precisely what you’d want; something else wouldn’t fit the culture and would seem out of place.   Here the focus is on the food, and over nearly two decades they’ve dialed it in.


Images by Élan Photographie Studio