La Baguette Café and Upstairs Wine Bar

2417 W Colorado Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Two doors sit quietly on the odd-numbered side of the street up against the brick-paved walk on Colorado Avenue.   One door is mostly glass and the other mostly wood, one brass-handled and the other oiled bronze, one opening up to baked goods, the other to libations abounding.  Each an entrance to its own distinguished world, each an entrée into an exceptional encounter.  Through one door is the original La Baguette, a French bakery and café in Old Colorado City, and behind the other is Upstairs Wine Bar, offering upscale drinks in an affable setting.


Through the mostly glass door with the brass handle is La Baguette’s café. The weathered wear on the French-flag themed sign out front nods to what you feel walking in: here is an entrance into the history of this place, an old-world settledness that embraces you into its story.  Parisian blue and yellow dress the walls, accenting the exposed brick, recalling you to la Métropole. The bread has been crafted with the same venerable recipes and trusted ingredients for over thirty years, crispy crunch on the crust, delicately soft on the inside, perfect on the palette, long on the memory. 


This is genuinely le pain quotidien: the tireless bakers at La Baguette in Old Colorado City bake all night to offer fresh goods everyday, also providing the bread for the other independent locations.  Too, you’ll find staple café fare splendidly prepared: the butternut squash ravioli and the chicken pistachio pâté are equally beautiful on the plate as on the taste buds.


The other door, the door many seek but few find, the door of mostly wood and oiled-bronze vines, hides a deep secret in Old Colorado City. It is the door to Upstairs Wine Bar, just to the left of La Baguette, the entrance to a rich wooden stairway, leading upward to delight.  At the top of the stairs is a fresco of a quaint French home in the provincial countryside of a lush vineyard, welcoming you up, inviting you home to the living room you’ve wished for.  And home is the sensation here: not elite, not pretentious, not stuffy, but approachable, accessible, warm, fire-in-the-fireplace: Home.


Certified Sommelier Michael, a steward of excellent wine, has developed a list to rival those in California, yet with the feeling that you are sitting at the family table.  Robin, one of four sociable stewards, crafts the sensation of the space, making a room of confidants, forming community in this place designed to shape strangers into friends.  The long list of wines and spirits is plenty, but the night is not complete without an Absinthe experience: watch close as the cool water dissolves the cubed sugar—the luscious, licorice-hinted green liquor changes before your eyes into minty green magic.  Upstairs Wine Bar with its brick-laden walls envelops those who find it with upscale ambiance and familial ease.


Images by Élan Photographie Studio