Brooklyn’s on Boulder

110 E Boulder Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903

“A Fine Haberdashery” says the sign on the door; ties hang neatly from the rack, swatches of exceptional suit fabric from which to build the perfect evening ensemble embellish the wall in the entryway.  But there, surrounded tastefully in brass, under a simple sign that reads “Please ring bell for service” is a button—a tiny doorbell, a tantalizing invitation to your curiosity.  Ring the bell and a slot in the interior door slides open, a voice inquires how many are in your party.  Moments later the door is opened to a moody, darkened room to which your eyes take a moment to adjust.  You’ve found it: Brooklyn’s on Boulder, and your night just turned perfect.



The room is a richly appointed throw-back to a prohibition-era speak easy; lavish curtains, a velvet couch, well-finished wood.  Dapperly dressed patrons, sometimes in bowties and pearls (it’s the 1920’s after all), fill the room with cool and laughter, and with the blacked-out ceiling as a night-sky above you, invite your expectations upward.  The brightest lights are the Edison bulbs above the bar: spotlights on the main attraction.


Brooklyn’s on Boulder is the serving stage to Lee Spirits, an outlaw gin distiller crafting artisan gin in pre-prohibition style.  Their forte is their Classic Dry Gin which forms the base for many of their cocktails.  But they have a penchant for flourish: their Strawberry Ginger Gin and Lavender Gin add fruity or floral notes that are harmonious and on key.   


Ian and Nick Lee started Brooklyn’s (and Lee Spirits) as a rule-breaking take on classic spirit and 100 year old cocktails.  The staff is the same mix of tradition and modernity, offering inviting hospitality blended with an adventurous and innovative impulse.  Their menu is multi-personality, too: connected to the past with hallowed respect and pushing creativity to always surprise.  You can’t miss with any drink on the menu, but try the Eve’s Seduction for sweet and boozy, the Aviation for tart and floral, and the Alexander for the perfect creamy dessert finish.


Images by Élan Photographie Studio